Genesis Aviation

Aircraft Management With Charter

Charter Revenue Program– Lowering Your Costs of Ownership :

Placing your aircraft under our DGCA approved charter company provides a method to offset ownership expenses with revenue derived by the chartering of your aircraft when otherwise it would sit idle.
There also may be tax savings when purchasing an aircraft or ongoing business tax advantages having your aircraft engaged in charter activity.
Our management team has the experience working and can formulate a plan that ensures you receive the maximum revenue benefit from placing your aircraft on charter.

Benefits of Having Your Aircraft On Charter :

• Earn charter revenue to offset aircraft ownership expenses
• Charters booked around your personal flight schedules
• Guaranteed charter payments to you when we use the aircraft

As the owner, you always retain the final approval for charters scheduled on your aircraft

Aircraft Management Without Charter

Genesis Aviation team of experienced managers will tailor management services to your needs should you elect not to charter your aircraft to the public, but like the thought of having the infrastructure, expertise, and cost saving benefits provided by a professional management company.
Our managers will perform pilot recruitment and training of crewmembers, operational scheduling of trips, continuous maintenance oversight of your aircraft, ensures a regulatory and insurance-compliant flight operation, and financial budgeting and reporting.

Your Own Flight Department – Our Expertise :

• Flight crews fly only your aircraft
• DGCA regulatory compliance support
• Routine safety auditing by 3rd party vendors
• Crew scheduling and flight coordination
• Flight crew payroll and benefit administration
• Maintenance compliance, 24/7 oversight
• Monitoring and compliance with hourly airframe and engine programs
• Risk management
• Hangar, fuel negotiations
• Regulatory compliance

Aircraft Management – Making Ownership Easier:

• Reducing your overhead costs
• Comprehensive monthly reporting, trip-by-trip, keeping you informed
• Yearly budgeting of expenses
• Avoid liability risk
• Use of our aircraft fleet when needed
• Negotiate contracts and resolve vendor billing disputes
• Process payroll and benefits
• Round the clock maintenance oversight of your aircraft